Fig 13: Animals move with poise and grace, maintaining superb postural balance at all times. Human posture on the other hand is strangely deficient.


There are so many things we are doing wrong, it is unlikely that we will see substantial improvement in our collective posture in the near future. It is more likely that we will have to struggle and come to terms with this problem over the next three or four generations. Yet in the mean time it is very important that we get involved and get our SCHOOLS involved in ensuring that children in the age group 010 at least have every opportunity to grow up with good posture. Chiefly let us say Yes to the following:

  • All dress to be suspended from the shoulders. Shorts and trousers to be worn without elastic.
  • Use of footwear, which allow the feet to move precisely as they do when we walk bare-footed. When possible, children can be encouraged to remove their footwear. (Modern shoes are too confining: using space age materials it should be possible to make ultra light and flexible shoes which do not inhibit the bones and muscles in the feet in any way).
  • Chairs (benches preferably) as in Fig 8b. Children can also be encouraged to squat on the floor.
  • Less pressure of studies on young children, so they can remain in Present Space most of the time. Encourage learning by play and observation.


Dear friends, just as in learning how to swim, the only way to correct your posture is to jump into the water. Best of luck.

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